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Streamline - Steering Damper

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Streamline - Steering Damper (Carbon/Black)
TheBilletanium SS11 stabilizer contains a carbon fiber shell that surrounds the inner aluminum shell giving you a incredible amount of additional strenght and durabillity without the extra weight and bulkeyness. Aside from quality the Carbon series SS11 stabilizers could not look any better. The Billetanium SS11 steering stabilizer are for those riders looking for more adjustabillity and fine tuning.Featuring high quality valving with 4 additional dampering tension for a handler feel.The SS11 stabilizers feature removable billet and caps to keep the seals free from dirt and debris which come in 4 different colors to match the mounting clamps.All stabilizers come with the option of Silver,red,blue or black mounting clamps. A upgraded billet U clamp around the shock body is also a nice feature.All SS11 stabilizers are available in rebuildable construction.