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Collecting Sweeper - Rotary Broom

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Self-working rotary broom fits onto your Quad, mini-tractor, self-propelled lawn mower... It is ideal for sweeping and collecting your green/open spaces.
  • Fits all your carriers with towing hook Ø 50mm : self-propelled lawn mower, quad, mini-tractor...
  • Self-working: mechanical drive of the brush through the two wheels.
  • Working width: 1.00m.
  • Convergent chevron-shape brush with 6 rows (polypropylene fibre).
  • Very hard-wearing brush mounted on metal hub. Solid and wide wheels: more long-lasting and more grip.
  • 150L collecting box (effective volume 100L), manual unlocking.
  • Options: side brush, high-volume leaf box 380L (use volume 250L).
  • Storage support stand.
Brush length 1 000mm
Brush diameter 280mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2.12m x 1.36m x 0.89m