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ATV 120 Flail Mower with E-start

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ATV 120 Flail Mower Designed to be towed behind quad bikes, tractors, cars etc. This unit is ideal for maintaining parks, paddock and large grassed areas. Also great for mulching undergrowth and light vine mulching etc around farms, properties. The ATV 120 Flail Mower features changeable blade types for different types of mowing jobs. You do not need a Lawn Mower, a Field Mower and Trail mowers. Simply change the blades to the correct type for your job. 

  • With 15 HP engine with electric start
  • Cutting width: 120cm
  • 15 hp / 11kw at 3600 rpm
  • Centrifugal clutch pulley
  • Sturdy toothed belts
  • Adjustable wheels height 16.5 x 6.5
  • Large flotation tyres. (suitable for use on all areas)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 6,5l
  • Consumption: 1,5-2l/h
  • Automatic belt tensioner
  • Electronically balanced rotor
  • High blade tip speed for a perfect cut
  • Side Drawbar
  • Offset able tongue so you can get under trees and plants.
  • The cutting height can be adjusted from 10mm to 260mm.
  • Fully adjustable draw bar with 3 point offset function. Suitable for use with any vehicle (ATV, UTV, small tractor or Jeep).
  • Working efficiency : 2100-2600m²/h
  • Debris Guard
  • Grease Nipples On All Bearings
  • Either Y knives or forged and galvanized flail hammers applicable.
  • Coming with Y-blades for rough cutting.
  • Flexible wheel setup: wheels can be positioned either on lateral sides or on front. (Making it capable for working in restricted narrow areas)
  • Floating deck design reduces scalping
  • 42 month full parts warranty   
  • Every unit has been test-driven.
  • Coming with two spare belts free of charge!!